Natures Sculpture’s – NAFAS Exhibits Chelsea 2021- GOLD Medal winners

A huge Congratulations to all the winners!

Ann Kennedy

(Sussex and Surrey Areas of NAFAS).
Ann took her inspiration from the lunar phases – changes in the apparent shape of the Moon.


Barbara Collier

(Surrey and South Midlands Areas of NAFAS).

Barbara was inspired by a piece of wood reminiscent of a sea horse and its underwater world.

Elaine Taylor (NIGFAS – Northern Ireland – Area of NAFAS).
Elaine found her inspiration in the natural movement of air – the wind.


Jane Belcher (Berks, Bucks & Oxon Area of NAFAS).
Jane was inspired by the shapes and textures of different types of coral found on a coral reef.


Linda Porrett (Sussex Area of NAFAS).
Linda’s inspiration for her exhibit came from the shapes created by the flow of lava.


Margaret McSheehy (Sussex Area of NAFAS).
Margaret took her inspiration from the windswept Southern Uplands of Scotland.


Stephen McDonnell (Sussex Area of NAFAS). 
Stephen was inspired by the form and textural qualities of swamp wood and dried and aged Agave leaves.


Wendy Parsons (Sussex Area of NAFAS).
Wendy was inspired by the contorted shapes of Crataegus monogyna and the textural qualities of Quercus suber (cork oak).